When hail strikes your roof, the damage is a function of the size of the hail stones, the number of stones, the force of the wind that drives them and the angle that they hit your roof.

A large stone, wind driven and hitting at a direct angle will cut a shingle, put a dent in it or knock the gravel off the asphalt and cause obvious damage that can often be seen from the ground. Smaller stones, less wind or angled hits may drive the gravel into the asphalt or simply “bruise” the shingle, causing damage that may be difficult to see with the untrained eye, but which, none the less, will lead to shingle deterioration and future leaks that will eventually require the roof to be replaced.

If you have hail damage, it should be looked at right away. Otherwise, in Georgia, your right to file a claim will expire in two years, and you will end up paying for a replacement roof yourself, with no help from your insurance company. In fact, they could decline your claim and require you to have the roof replaced at your expense or face having your policy canceled.

With this type of damage, over 1-3 years, the heat of the summer sun and weathering will cause those “bruised” granules to turn lose and you will find black spots showing up where the protective gravel has fallen off and the asphalt is showing. This asphalt will gradually blister and the “skin” of the shingle in those spots fall off, allowing your shingles to dry out, become brittle and lose their ability to keep your roof dry.


We represent you with your insurance company and repair your damage. We meet with your adjuster to ensure that all of your damage gets covered, and act as your general contractor, to repair the damage, generally for the amount the claim or less. We give you a written guarantee for the quality of our work.

The process of dealing with hail damage can be a nightmare. We do everything we can to get your home and your life back to normal with the least amount of hassle and in the shortest time possible.


The Contingency Agreement has three purposes:

  • It appoints us as your representative to deal with your insurance company and allows them discuss issues with us, so we can negotiate for the best coverage possible for your repairs.
  • It assures you that you that the repair of your storm damage will be completed for the amount of money the insurance company agrees to pay, and that your only out-of-pocket cost will be your deductible.
  • It ensures that SRCG, after we have used our time and expertise to get you the best coverage possible for your repairs, will be allowed to complete the work.


There are many, many companies in the U. S. who follow storms. Some are honest people, but many are not. One of the ploys used to convince homeowners to sign contracts is the promise that the company will pay the deductible or the homeowner will not have to pay their deductible.

Georgia law states that it is illegal for an insured to “profit” from an insurance casualty loss; and failure to pay deductibles, per contract with the insuring company, constitutes making a profit and therefore is considered an act of fraud-a felony. We can work with you on your deductible, but we cannot pay it for you. Do not let anyone convince you to commit an illegal act!